Robert's Point Park Pier

Port Aransas Coast GuardOne of several fishing locations in Port Aransas Texas, Robert's Point Pier provides access the Corpus Christi Ship Channel. The pier is located at the crossroads where the Gulf of Mexico meets several bay systems and water exchanges. Take a look at the satellite view on the map below to see the layout of the water system.

Video and Map of Fishing Pier and Park

Here is a video clip of the park and fishing pier at Robert's point park in Port Aransas Pass. The park is bordered by the Corpus Christi Ship Channel and the marina. Located in the marina are bait stands, charter boats, shopping and boat launches. The pier is free access and is lighted. There is also several locations at the park to fish from bulk heads

Charter fishing Port AransasRobert's Point Park is situated next to the ferry landing. There is plenty of shipping activity to watch as you fish. Notice from the dolphin fin in the picture below that the boating traffic does not bother the fish. In fact Roberts Point Pier can produce excellent fishing when schooling fish are moving in from the Gulf of Mexico in Spring or out to the Gulf in fall. The summer time provides cathes of red drum, trout, black drum, some species of snapper, flounder and other fish.

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