Flour Bluff Fishing PierOne of several Corpus Christi fishing piers available at no cost. Philip Dimitt Municipal Fishing Pier is located in Flour Bluff just off the JFK causeway. It is about 7 miles from Padre Island and 14 miles from downtown Corpus Christi. The pier is located at the end of Jester Rd and has a paved parking area. It is easily accessed from State Highway 358 to NAS drive then Jester Rd. Go east and you will arrive at the pier.

Boat HoleThis pier offers access to the Boat Hole and is good fishing year round. In winter when cold fronts begin to move through Philip Dimitt pier is a good option when other piers can become extremely crowded.

Fishing any time of year can produce reds, trout or flounder. During the fall months black drum can gather in large schools here. Best fished on high tide

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