Packery Channel Park

Packery Channel County Park-North Padre IslandThe park is located right next to the visitors center when first entering North Padre Island. While Packery Channel does run adjacent to the park it is separate from the Packery Channel Jetties located on the Gulf of Mexico beaches. This little park offer views of birds with in the Laguna Madre wetlands.

Expect to see year round residents such as sandhill cranes, great blue heron, white heron, egret, brown pelicans, piping and snowy plovers, terns, rosette spoonbill, white tail hawks and other coastal shore and wading birds. In the fall through spring migratory waterfowl can be seen here also.

Unique to the park are oak trees not found anywhere else on the island in this form. Specific for nesting birds and hummingbirds is a protected grove of trees that may provide birding views.

Packery Channel Park Duck on North Padre North Padre Island Dune