North Padre Island Shells

Padre Island Sea Shells A favorite past time on most any beach is strolling along the waters edge looking for the treasures of the sea. The beaches of the Gulf of Mexico on North Padre Isand are no exception. Any month of the year has the potential to provide seashells, sand dollars and various treasures from the Gulf. However the best time to find shells is after any large swell or storm has washed shells and treasures on to North Padre Island beaches.

Any of the beaches of North Padre Island or on Mustang Island can provide shells anytime of year. However there are a few beaches that may provide a better chance to find shells that are common to the area as well as some unique finds. The Packery Channel Beaches provide a good location to search for shells. Walking the tide line between the jetty and the seawall can yield good results. This area is known for the occasional pink barnacle find also. Travel across the island to Port Aransas for further beachcombing. In Port A take the boat across the Corpus Christi Ship Channel to St. Joseph's Island where the beachcombing can be extremely good. This island has no vehicle access and can only be reached by boat or the ferry that takes passengers to the island throughout the day.

Another good spot to look for seashells is at the Mustang Island State Park. The park can be reached from the north by driving on the beach until you reach the jetty. The sand can be very soft here at times. If you wish to avoid the adventure soft sand can sometimes provide (getting stuck) pay the small fee and have access to showers, restrooms and vehicle parking at the Mustang Island Texas State Park entrance down the road on State Hwy. 361 The entry fee is reasonable and charged per vehicle.

The Padre Island National Seashore provides miles of beach to look for seashells and other interesting treasures.