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North Padre Island and the surrounding area have plenty of vacation rentals, homes, hotels, condos and resorts to please just about anyone. Just Click a Picture below to find your perfect vacation spot!

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When deciding where to stay take note to what part of Corpus Christi the hotel, vacation rental, condo or beach house is located in. Corpus Christi Beach and downtown Corpus Christi are closer to attractions such as the Texas State Aquarium and USS Lexington and Whataburger Field. The beaches in this part of Corpus Christi border the Corpus Christi Bay not the Gulf of Mexico.

North Padre Island is part of the City of Corpus but 20 miles from downtown Corpus Christi. The island beaches border the Gulf of Mexico and the Padre Island National Seashore. Both Mustang Island and North Padre offer a stay away from city life on some of the most naturally preserved beaches in the world. Port Aransas (while not part of the city Corpus of Christi but still in Nueces County beach and parks) is a small resort community located at the northern tip of the island. All these locations are coastal, beautiful and offer a great vacation and living experience. Where to stay just depends on what kind fun experience do you want to have!