Mollie Beattie Coastal Habitat Community

The coastal habitat is easily accessed from State Highway 361 with multiple parking areas available right off the highway. The coastal habitat begins right at the edge of the North Padre Island and Mustang Island border which is Packery Channel. The habitat provides several walking trails that offer access and views of tidal wetlands and the birds that frequent them. One parking area is right next to the Packery Channel bridge and offers fishing access also.

Extreme low and high tides will effect bird viewing in the habitat community. Low tides will provide limited access to birds while higher tides provide and abundance of water making birding easily accessible.

Expect to see year round residents such as sandhill cranes, great blue heron, white heron, egret, brown pelicans, piping and snowy plovers, terns, rosette spoonbill, white tail hawks and other coastal shore and wading birds. In the fall through spring migratory waterfowl can be seen here also.

Mollie Beattie Coastal Habitat Map North Padre White Heron