Laguna Madre-Humble Channel PierThe Fishing piers at the Humble Channel Bridge are some of the best known piers on the Laguna Madre. They are easily accessed but also produce some of the best pier fishing in the area.  Traveling east on SH 358 toward North Padre Island exit before crossing the Humble Bridge and you have access to both of the piers. Two independently owned bait stands and fishing piers border the Humble Channel to the East and West.  Live bait is usually available and the fee to fish the piers are minimal. Padre Island Fishing Pier

Determine which pier to fish (east or west of channel) based on the prevailing winds. Throwing artificial bait or usinglive/dead natural bait will work here.  Piers are lighted for great night time fishing. When schooling fish are migrating in fall in spring these piers can have excellent action.

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