Downtown Corpus Christi

Shoreline TowersBordered by the  Corpus Christi Bayfront and the Port of Corpus Christi the city's downtown offers shopping, restaurants, live music, night life parks, and entertainment. Just across the ship channel is North Beach home to the "The Blue Ghost" and the "Texas State Aquarium."  You can easily walk through downtown to the bayfront and marina or enjoy a ride on The Trolley Bus.  Downtown Corpus Christi has such easy access to water many visitors often think they are at the Gulf of Mexico instead of on Corpus Christi Bay .

Downtown Corpus Christi is a growing, thriving community within the city.  The focal point of Corpus Christi commerce, downtown is returning to the hub it once was in the mid 1900's.

The recent addition of many condo and townhome projects have created local residence for many business professionals working in the area.  Combine this with the many local artists and entrepreneurs and the mix is a community that is alive and exciting yet never loses it's coastal laid back style.

The local artist community is made up of musicians, painter's, sculptures and photographers and a few that combine all the above talents.   Through out downtown you will see there work on display in their shops, murals and sculptures gracing our community.   Be sure to stop in and see their works, they always happy to see you.

Complimenting the many hotels in the are is a variety of restaurants serving up local cuisine ranging from fresh seafood on water to traditional Mexican food.  Dining in downtown can range from simple street side cafes to luxury dining with a view of the entire coastal bend.

Texas Surf Museum

The Texas Surf Museum is located in the Water Street Market next to the Executive Surf Club The museum has set out to tell and preserve the story of surfing in Texas. A tour through the museum brings to life the rich surfing history of a land known more for cowboys, oil booms and beef. The Texas Surf Museum quickly reminds it's visitors that Texas boasts a large surfing community. (visit)

Heritage Park and Cultural Center

A step back in time. The homes and cultural center in Heritage Park are a part of the city's rich history. The park provides a relaxing walk (especially the rose garden) as well as an education as you take this free tour right in downtown Corpus Christi. The park is located at 1581 N. Chaparral, more info at 361-826-3410

Art Center of Corpus Christi

Art CenterLocated next to Sherrill Park and across from Magee Beach, the Art Center of Corpus Christi hosts exhibits and workshops for local artists and visitors.  The center has a popular restaurant overlooking the water of Corpus Christi Bay.  On the grounds of the art center is an outdoor garden which has a short walking trail and features many native plants and grasses. 

Sherrill Park Memorial

This is a beautiful park on the bay which honors those who have sacrificed their lives so we can enjoy ours. Take a moment to walk through the park and enjoy the day while reflecting. There is an adjoining playground for the kids.  Right across the street from the beach and the Art Center of Corpus Christi

Old Concrete Street Amphitheater

This is an outdoor venue that hosts many of the concerts that come to town. Located  right at the edge of downtown Corpus Christi. The name says it all. The facility rose from the old concrete plant into a state of the art music venue. (visit)