Bob Hall Fishing Pier

North Padre FishingPadre Balli Park is located on North Padre Island. Located with in the park is Bob Hall Pier. This is a concrete pier that is well lighted and easily accessed. The pier is 1200 feet long providing access to the Gulf of Mexico. Bob Hall Pier has an entrance fee based on number of rods. The cost to enter the pier is $1.25 as of 2008. A store/grill located at the pier offers food and also sells fishing tackle and dead bait.

Here's a map to show Bob Hall Pier's location:

The pier is provides great fishing in both the summer and winter months. In the months of July, August, Septmeber it is common to catch offshore species such as king mackeral of the end of the pier. An occassional tarpon may be hooked. Year round catches of red drum, speckled trout, black drum, sheepshead and shark are possible at the pier. Many species of shark are caught year round at Bob Hall Pier including bull, tiger, hammerhead, bonnethead and others. Tiger sharks over 11 feet long have been caught at the pier.The Padre Balli Park has public camping and showers available. Camping with R.V. hookups is available as well as tent camping. Check in for camping is at the ranger station with in the park. Camping gives immediate acccess to the Texas beaches, Bob Hall Pier and is adjacent to modern amenities.

Pier on North Padre camping